confocal laser scanning microscopy, glial cells, bar: 30 µm

Seven years of my life I devoted to neurobiological research. I wanted to know how our brains can produce such wonderful feats as creativity and art. To do this, I cultured cortical neuronal networks on neurochips, stained and microscoped them, measured their electrical activity, blocked axonal transport and synaptic transmission, and identified different cortical neuron types.

One result of this work is a new theory of cortical information processing that can explain the diversity of the Cajalian butterflies of the soul an the concerted interaction between inhibitory interneurons and pyramidal cells leading to an input-adequate output.

Based on this theory, I would like to start a company or work in an already existing company that uses the creativity of our brain to construct new artificial and possibly natural cortical circuits with the goal of recognizing the real structure of our brain and the goal of discovering new circuits that may be able to do something completely different from our human cortex.

For this I am looking for people who understand this approach, find it exciting and meaningful and recognize a potential for the future. Do not hesitate to contact me.

cortical neurons, bar: 15 µm
inhibitory interneurons, bar: 20 µm
bipolar neurons, bar: 30 µm
dendritic tree, bar: 15 µm
cortical network on electrode array of glas-neurochip, bar: 200 µm